A highest and best use report for a commercial property in Framingham, MA on a possible disposition or redevelopment.

June, 2021, Rob Nahigian has completed a highest and best use report for a commercial property in Framingham, MA on a possible disposition or redevelopment.
May, 2021, CADC Holdings have engaged Auburndale Realty Co. as its national real estate consulting firm in its acquisition and leasing of office and industrial sites nationwide. CADC is in the process of securing a multitude of projects for its operations and investments. Rob Nahigian will serve as the focus consultant on lease and purchase negotiations. CADC is working in concert with a private equity firm.

National economic trends in commercial real estate

Spring and Summer, 2021, Rob Nahigian spoke for a number of industry organizations during the 2021. He presented Retail and ECommerce to the Central Oregon Association of Realtors, April, 2021; National Economic Trends in Commercial Real Estate for the Rhode Island Association of Realtors in May, 2021. Then Negotiating Skills for the SIOR Designation in June, 2021, Commercial Leases Analysis and Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate for Boston University summer semester; and Commercial Leasing for MA NAIOP Certificate program in July, 2021

Announced that he had recently completed a corporate real estate deal for Hoskin & Muir, d/b/a HMI-Cardinal of Louisville, KY

April, 2021 Rob Nahigian, FRICS, CRE, SIOR, MCR of Auburndale Realty Co., Newton, Mass. is pleased to announce that he recently completed a corporate real estate transaction for Hoskin&Muir, d/b/a HMI-Cardinal of Louisville, KY and its subsidiary Woon-Tech of 369 Douglas Road, Whitinsville, MA. It has resulted in one of the most impactful manufacturing relocation and long-term leases in central Massachusetts and the Worcester market. Woon-Tech will be leasing 120,000 square feet in total and relocating over 125 new manufacturing and warehouse jobs to 7-9 Latti Farm Road, Millbury, MA. The lease control period is long-term. The facility is located in the Millbury Industrial Park comprised of a total of 160,000 square foot and was the former Boston Globe Press and Distribution operations. The vacant building was the former Worcester Telegram & Gazette facility that was sold to the Boston Globe. The location of Millbury Industrial Park is key for distribution as its 2 miles from Rt. 140 and the MA Pike. The Boston Globe closed this facility in 2016 and sold it three years later to Tonuse, Inc., the current landlord. The plant was constructed approximately 22 years ago when The Globe owned the Worcester Telegram & Gazette which it sold in 2014.Mr. Nahigian developed and implemented a strategic plan with Woon-Tech and HMI during the Summer of 2020 to relocate its workers and manufacturing for its global reach. WoonTech is a glass company that manufactures and customizes glass shower doors, glass table-tops, glass wall partitions, floorings, awnings, etc. The company takes large sheets of glass, then custom cuts the glass and polishes the glass for delivery. Its customer base is both residential and commercial. The company ships out over 1,000 pieces per day with over 750 customers. Woon-Tech’s partners are located on the east coast, Montreal and Europe. Its financial operations throughout the U.S. have exceled in the last five years and has outgrown its current location. The company is looking to add another 20 to 30 employees. It is currently located in Whitinsville, MA in a total of 40,000 square feet of space comprised of office/manufacturing/warehouse. Its main facility is 33,000 square feet. The President of Woon-Tech is Josh Foster who is now the National Vice-President of Operations for HMI-Cardinal. Josh spearheaded the site selection process working with Rob Nahigian since last July, 2020. HMI-Cardinal is a privately held company with locations throughout the U.S.The landlord is Tonuse, Inc. of Worcester, MA, an industrial investment company that owns properties throughout the Northeast. Its President Tony Russell was instrumental in the lease negotiations and to the details of HMI’s requirements to make this transaction a success since the initial contact last August, 2020. The property will undergo a multi-million-dollar renovation for Woon-Tech that will include an upgrade of the manufacturing facility, offices and warehouse area to a state-of-the-art condition.

Auburndale Realty has been engaged to represent Miele as its corporate tenant representative for a Boston area innovation center.

March, 2021, Auburndale Realty has been engaged to represent Miele as its corporate tenant representative for a Boston area innovation center. Miele is a privately-held, German-based firm that specializes in luxury high home appliances. Miele has over 20,000 employees in over 50 countries including North America and Europe

Completion of advice on the sale of Dawson Industrial Park

March 12, 2021, Marlboro, MA, Rob Nahigian, FRICS, SIOR, CRE, MCR of Auburndale Realty Co., Newton, Mass. is pleased to announce the completion of a counseling assignment on the sale of Dawson Industrial Park at 50 Brigham Street, Marlboro, MA on March 12, 2021. The sale was completed from A.P. Dawson Realty Trust, LLC as the seller and Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. as the buyer. The property was sold for $1,950,000. The park contains approximately 4 buildings of 31,445 gross square feet of industrial and office space. Safety Kleen is also a tenant in the park. The park was originally purchased by Mr. Alden Pearlstein on July 9, 1976 from the U.S. Small Business Administration that included a grain silo tower. In 1981, he purchased a small parcel from the Consolidated Rail Corporation. Over the years, Rob has advised Mr. Pearlstein on the renovating and development of new industrial buildings and providing leasing services since 1982. Mr. Pearlstein’s daughter, Myrna Sheehan, has been managing the property for the last ten years working with Rob. Rob continued with counseling services on renewal negotiations. The property is also currently leased to AA Cleaning and Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. The buildings are comprised of metal, block and split-rib block construction and serviced by town water and town sewer. The property also contains a rail spur that is used by Safety Kleen. At one time the entire portfolio included the adjoining property at 60 Brigham Street and totaled over 4.5 acres with 2 houses and approximately 50,000 square feet of property of industrial/office space.

One year land lease

March, 2021, Columbus, Ohio, Rob Nahigian,FRICS,SIOR,CRE,MCR of Auburndale Realty Co. has been engaged as a real estate counselor to a DeepEdge to advise on the acquisition of an office tower in Columbus, Ohio and a 99 year ground lease. This is a potential new acquisition for this client that has been purchasing properties on the east coast and mid-west. Rob has been working in locations for DeepEdge on other acquisitions and lease renewals in Charlotte, Reno, Minneapolis, Portland, Boston, Longview, and Orlando.

Providing advisory services

December, 2020, Auburndale Realty Co. and Rob Nahigian was engaged by a telecom real estate investment company to provide counseling services in its national search to acquire commercial real estate. Rob has commenced with the first assignment in the Charlotte on a multi-story office complex providing due diligence services.