The company was formed in 1949 by John M. Nahigian and Moses H. Nahigian in the Auburndale section of Newton, MA (approximately 10 minutes west of Boston). Auburndale is at the crossroads of Massachusetts two most valuable highways, the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90) and Rt. 128. In 1949, John Nahigian was a recent graduate of Harvard College where he played collegiate varsity baseball. Originally the firm specialized in the leasing and management of rental apartments and sales of single family homes along the Route 128 beltway. The firm eventually became the largest apartment property management company in the City of Newton, MA.

By 1960, Mr. Nahigian became one of the first real estate syndicators in the Boston area specializing in acquiring apartment complexes. In the 1970s and 1980s the firm transitioned to condominium conversions and acquiring shopping centers. Auburndale Realty Co. expanded its developments and holdings from Boothbay Harbor, Maine to Martha’s Vineyard to Tampa/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

In 1989, Mr. Robert J. Nahigian joined Auburndale Realty Co. after serving for many years at other real estate entities in New York City, suburban Washington D.C. and the Boston area. Since 1982 Rob Nahigian pursued and earned many commercial real estate international professional designations and today holds certifications of FRICS,SIOR,CRE,MCR and LAI honorary society. He has served in many leadership and thought-provoking roles with his industry affiliations having served on more than 65 real estate committees and task forces. He added a new dimension of industrial, office and retail expertise to the firm’s original residential core aspect. Today he has over 52 years of real estate experience as a seasoned commercial veteran. Since 1985, the firm is fully concentrated on commercial and industrial real estate.

In addition to Rob’s certifications, he is a graduate of Lehigh University (cum laude) where he played collegiate Division II baseball. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University.


​From the early 1980s, the firm started to shift from residential into office and retail ownership and property management. Since the mid-1990s, the core business has shifted its services into real estate counseling, corporate brokerage representation, family-trust real estate, hi-level advisory investment and corporate strategic planning, litigation support for private and public end-user corporations and government agencies, investment partnership, government agencies, non-profit organizations, land developers and hi-net worth entrepreneurs. Client projects have expanded beyond New England to include Ohio, Florida, New York, California, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina and Missouri. Project sizes have ranged from 10,000 square feet to over 1. 0 million square feet.

We represent clients of all sizes with office/industrial and retail projects. As a small firm, clients are looking for immediate and individual attention, the ability to be nimble, flexible and responsive, to develop customized and specialized solutions on commercial real estate issues and to have the trust of complete confidentiality. We tend to be engaged by highly, respectable corporations, family-trusts and individuals who prefer a “quiet” layer of expertise between themselves and the marketplace. We are trained as mediators, arbitrators and professional negotiators.


In addition to the three core services listed, our services have also included litigation support services with many Boston area law firms and the MA Division of Occupational Prosecution Office on broker complaints. Additionally some of the real estate civil cases are outside New England on commercial real estate matters. We work with many regional companies and family-trusts on site selection, land development and due diligence, litigation support/expert testimony, build-to-suit, tenant representation and lease negotiations.

Because of our election to the Advisory Committee of a public real estate investment firm, we have an acute understanding of investment planning and provide investor services analyzing re-positioning of investment assets, distressed assets, establishing entrance and exit strategies in order to create wealth. We excel with projects that are challenging and require “imagineering” visionary solutions. And in a time frame that is immediate.

Through the firm’s individual member association with SIOR, CRE, MCR, LAI and FRICS, real estate services have expanded with affiliates and networking to over 1,000 cities worldwide with access to over 130,000 of the most elite recognized real estate experts internationally.