Recognition of Rob as the newest member of the prestigious Legacy Circle.

At the SIOR 2016 Fall World Conference in NYC, Rob was recognized as its newest member of the coveted Legacy Circle. The Legacy Circle is for members who have served 30 years or longer as a member of SIOR. Rob earned his designation May, 2016. SIOR has 3,000 designees and was created at the request of the US War Department in 1941 for industrial brokers finding sites for factories in the WWII war cause.

Presentation on how companies use mathematical formulas to make a site selection decision in the world of logistics

Rob then was invited to deliver “From Shanghai to Your Shelf” on May 4, 2016 for the Seattle Commercial Broker’s Association and the SIOR Washington Chapter. Over 60 attendees were present from economic developers to the premier industrial brokers and developers. Rob also toured the Seattle Port on a private presentation made to him in preparation for this presentation. His 4 hour CE approved program was delivered to its members in downtown Seattle (see photo). The presentation reveils how corporations use mathematical formulas in the site selection decision-making in the world of logistics/supply chain when importing from Shanghai to U.S. distribution centers and retail locations. Over 280 slides include presentations of a dozen U.S ports, inland ports, intermodal pros and cons, 3PL, logistic hubs and internal building technology that has revolutionized industrial real estate. This high powered presentation based on proprietary research has been highly touted and presented to over 20 SIOR, CCIM chapters and Commercial Boards nationwide.