“James Felt Creative Counseling Award”

– January, 2013 Rob Nahigian, CRE of Auburndale Realty Co. Newton, Mass. was appointed as the 2013 Chair of the “James Felt Creative Counseling Award” for The Counselors of Real Estate. The committee reviews submissions from fellow Counselors of Real Estate members who believe that they have worked on a real estate consulting project that is of the highest achievement and uniqueness of any counseling assignment in the U.S. James Felt was a prominent real estate pioneer, former Chairman of the New York City Planning Commission and a trustee of many well-known corporate and philanthropic boards. Felt was known for his strong sense of integrity and client accountability in his creative counseling techniques to resolve complex real estate problems. Rob had been honored to have received this award in 2009 and was responsible with his committee to select a recipient for 2013.